With this workshop, the plot thickens.

Meeting up at Stockholms “Gallery street” Huddiksvallsgatan, Norwegian artist Ina Hagen guides the participants into a LAOG (Live Action Online Game) set in this very place. 

The gallery floor is empty but as we write, the space if filled with characters and statements. Using a closed chatroom to write and respond to a plot put forward to ask: does it really matter what you are called? Is a name that important? 
Or your title? 

Using the actual phenomena of “Gallery Thursdays”, the day when the Stockholm galleries synchronize their openings to all occur in a day, pulling an artcrowd into its veins. We embody the characters of the artworld with our keyboard fingers. Filling their tongues with words and responding to the story that plays out between 0s and 1s.
Going to an exhibition: And saying the wrong things
28       October 2020
Artist: Ina Hagen
Location: Hudiksvallsgatan, Galleri Nordenhake

Situation: Gallery Thursdays

Plot: It’s Thursday night and the art crowd of Stockholm are out on their weekly gallery rounds. This week, the real attraction is Runo Lagomasino’s “I Am Also Smoke” at Galerie Nordenhake, and everyone has found their way there. Inside of the crowded gallery, the attendees move in and out of different conversations: some talk about The Works in the exhibition, while others talk about That Thing in the News. People are expressing that they are happy to see each other – even when that phrase is all that is exchanged between them. The Gallerist and a Close Friend of The Exhibiting Artist speak with a Representative of the Press towards the back of the room. A Group of Art Students are dissecting the exhibition amongst themselves while drawing reference to their own ongoing art-projects in school. The Usual Suspects of establishing artists, who have all come straight from the studio or various jobs, find each other in the crowd, beer in hand, and start chatting about how much they feel out of touch with their work or with art in general, while laughing about something new in their Personal Lives. As every Thursday, the conversation flows.

Artist: Ina Hagen (NO)
Online Gamehost: Ina Hagen and Jasmine Hinks
IRL Narrator: Emmeli Person

In Character is co-organized by Index - The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, PRAKSIS, and Publics
Supported by:
Erasmus+: Youth in Action programme of the European Union, Kulturrådet, Nordic Culture Point 0-30, and Sparebankstiflesen DNB