︎︎︎ On this page you’ll find tips and tricks, thoughts and workshop scores on how to Go to an Exhibition: In Character, made by participants and artists involved in the project. Follow INDEX and PRAKSIS and PUBLICS to be informed when more material is uploaded.

Game instructions by: Leo Quieroz Gonzalez, Mikkel Inchley, Yosra Ali, Adina Edfelt, Nellie Barazandeh, Maryan Mohammed, Alva Mårsén, Sadia Hassan, Alfred Nilsson, Sumaya Elmi, Felix Sjögren, Leo Ramirez Iderström, Annine Slettebø, Lovisa Johansson, Noah Gylver, José Velasquez Esteban, Hannah Røsholt Siger, Emil Pita, Zeinab Al-khatib, Simon Sjöberg, Nasteha Hassan Mahamed, Ina Hagen, Rudy Loewe, Mia Habib, Klara Utke Acs and Tormod Carlsen.

When: Whenever
Location: A space you decide contains art
Language: Yours

Workshop leader: You

From Rudy Loewe ︎︎︎2

From Klara Utke Acts ︎︎︎4

1︎︎︎ Go to an exhibition: In the wrong outfit

3︎︎︎ From Alva and Alfred in Index Teen Advisory Board

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