︎︎︎ Stockholm

Going to an exhibition: And changing the story
29       October 2020

︎ Location: Konstnärshuset
Artist: Rudy Loewe

Plot: We visit Konstnärshuset in Stockholm, a building that houses two different art spaces. One is SKF - an artist membership organisation which hosts artist from different generations and practices. The other one is Konstnärsklubben, the last segregated all mens-club, which hosts dinner and awards for men only.

Imagine a person who wouldn’t usually be in this artspace
  • What do they look like? What do they believe in/what do they stand for?
  • Make a comic where this character is visiting Konstnärshuset.

For the Structures and Policies workshop in Stockholm we have invited artist Rudy Loewe to come with us to Konstnärshuset.

While Rudy connects to us online through a shaky mobile connection from London, we wander the buidling with SKF Konstnärshusets artistic director Alida Ivanov, the curator Ashik Zaman, and the exhibiting artist Ulla West. This house is for members, SKF as an artist membership organisation but below there is also another organisation, a club for male artists only. How is it when a building hosts different ideas and policies on how to run? Who gets to be involved and not? 

Rudy guides us through a workshop where we envision different art communities, collectives and audiences. We talk about representation and what the feeling of agency and community does to who visits art spaces. Can we extend the membership feeling, how and who do we want to invite?

Artist Rudy Loewe leads a workshop in how Comics can act as a space to imagine future communities. Workshop with Index Teen Advisory Board and workshop participants of the In Character project. Visiting SKF Konstnärshuset in Stockholm.

“I made a comic of a girl who works as an electrician. She is called in to fix some errors in the system and arrives in her truck. She opens up the electrical cabinent and is caught by the beauty of the chords running criss-cross and the lights blinking. She stays there, looking at the stream of power running through the small metallic chords. This is art she thinks”  

︎︎︎About the artist

Rudy Loewe (UK) is a black, trans visual storyteller with a practice that focuses on social and political themes and histories. They use drawing, painting and printmaking alongside their experience of involvement in a variety of activist communities. Loewe is interested in how artistic practice can contribute to conversations on collective care and social justice.

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