︎︎︎ Oslo

Structures and Policies
21          November 2020

︎ Location: Online / Gallery Bananaz
Artist: Tormod Carlsen

︎ Language: Norwegian

Notes from the workshopBased on Tormod Carlsens CV as a model for how different kinds of structures affect an artist, we did research about some of the institutions and structures that have given him money for his projects, such as Kulturrådet, Festspillene i Nord Norge, Det Norske Teateret, Black Box teater and KORO. Each one of us got one sponsor or institution to research before the workshop. We had a Zoom workshop, Tormod was in his gallery Bananaz and we all sat in our homes. When we met in the online workshop we each introduced our research while Tormod hung up a cutout drawing symbolizing each fund/institution on a large window that was behind him. The first thing he placed in the window was a drawing of himself and a suitcase. By the end a big map had appeared on the window visualizing his career path and the institutional structures he had engaged with along the way.

Next we recorded a conversation about what we think about the economics in the art field and we found personal sounds to include in the recording. Tormod's instruction was “close your eyes and think about everything you know about the art world. If this world was a sound, what would it sound like to you? It can be anything; the sound of a forest, various birds, background noises from traffic, background noises from a bazaar, a gallery, a clapping audience - use your imagination and do not be too self-critical.”

︎︎︎About the artist

Tormod Carlsen (NO) is a director, stage artist and theater expert. He is a part of the performing arts collective Bananaz and is in the Cultural Council’s Performing Arts Committee (2018-2022).

Carlsen started as a circus artist and has worked in, around, with and on stage and performative works since 2004. Tormod is a trained director from the Oslo Academy of the Arts 2015 and works in different constellations and with different roles in a number of projects, institutions and performances to develop the performative and stage arts. In the period 2017-2018, he was an associated artist at Black Box Theater in Oslo.

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